A key step in beauty and cosmetics is to do a face cleansing, right? Regular facial cleansing allows us to purify the skin and leave it free of dirt and impurities. There are also another types of cleaning that can be applied in our lives, do you know them?


Boosting my mood and humor tidying up?

This method is inspired by the Asian theory DAN-SHA-RI: “DAN” block the flow of the unnecessary, “SHA” get rid of clutter and “RI” become someone unbound to material things. 

Following this philosophy of "throwing things" (get rid of the unnecessary) gets you:

  1. When choosing, let us be aware. When you choose what you use and what you don’t, you activate a psychological mechanism that allows us to see things with quality.
  2. Let’s bring energy and space back. When you consider doing some spring-cleaning, you realize how much unnecessary junk you accumulate. Ask yourself “How many times have I used this?”

  3. You can redefine yourself. When we get rid of clothes we never wear, it makes us be more aware of what we use and what we keep because something binds you to them, unnecessary binds though and wrongly understood.

  4. Choose well things and people you really want. If it gives the impression that anything works for us, people don’t pay us many attention. It is important to know how to choose what is life-enhancing, both material and personal.

  5. Throw things away helps our intelligence. When we toss things in the trash we are helping our judgment worry about maintaining a comfortable and adequate environment.

  6. Keep only what does have value. We pile up things because they’re memories from the past or for a possible future use. Keep just what has a present utility, a use nowadays.

  7. Let’s change subtracting for adding. Keeping ourselves active and taking the initiative of cleaning in our homes and our lives makes oneself feel safe and therefore better.

With these simple tips we can get a nicer environment around us. They are tips that also turn into true beauty tips, since the more pleasant our surroundings and the more comfortable we feel, the more sense of well-being and beauty will show our faces. Remember that happiness reflects on your skin. All these and much more on the bestseller “Dan-sha-ri: Organize your life” by Hideko Yamashita.

Let’s be happy!
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