This season autumn landscapes are setting the trend.

We must confess we love fashion, who doesn’t? You don’t need to be a fashion victim but still, we recommend knowing the last trends and making yours the ones that identify you most.

A good tip to be in style (without the need to renew your wardrobe every season) is wearing the colour trends of each season. This is why we have analysed the key colours for autumn/winter 2015/2016 just for you. See what we have found. Here we go…Take notes!

The Colour Forecast for autumn has been the source of inspiration for fashion designers in order to choose the colours we are wearing this autumn. Only few colours are the chosen ones each season. We are talking about the colour trends. Fashion shows give us the clues.

Moreover, we remind you that being flawless is not only about clothes, but it should be mixed with a perfect skin showing our actual state. Casmara's beauty products are perfect to get it, we'll show you the best for this fall/autumn!


asesora_lighteningStormy Weather, Reflecting Pond, Biscay Bay… the names are really quaint. Take some notes and include them in your outfit. You know, matching the colour of your clothes is the key.

These are the 10 trendy colours you should include in your wardrobe this season and the most recommended Casmara cosmetics for autumn. Off we go:

1- Amethys Orchid Hex, is the ideal purple hue for this season, a feminine and sensual colour.

2- Cadmin Orange, a nod to the ‘70s. It is a warm colour that transmits a lot of personality, energy and optimism. It is ideal for the dark autumn days.

3- Stormy Weather, is the reinvention of grey. It is one of the basics and a must in your wardrobe this season.

4- Oak Buff, is the autumn’s colour par excellence. It is the colour of dried leaves. It ranges in colour from ochre to golden yellow.

5- Desert Sage, is a cool and soothing greenish grey. It is the ideal neutral colour.

6- Biscay Bay, is the result of the fusion of green and blue. It is a heated colour with a cool touch whose source of inspiration is the sea.

7- Cashmere Rose, is a romantic and soft pink hue with a touch of brown and mauve. It is a flattering and chic colour that will provide warmth and sweetness to your wardrobe.

8- Dried Herb, the military colour has always been trendy, but this season gathers strength.

9- Marsala, an extraordinary elegant hue. It is the maroon colour with a touch of brown. All notable fashion designers have included it in their collections and celebrities have chosen it for their outfits on the red carpet…We love it!

10- Reflecting Pond, is a blue hue with a lot of depth, a heady and very elegant colour that will make you feel confident and powerful.

Now you know all of them just mix and match these colours as you like it. There are endless combinations.

Now that you know the trend colours and the top 10 Casmara's cosmetics for this fall/autumn, you just need to adapt them to your style and skin needs. Check our cosmetic counselig section if you've any doubt!

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