We would like to welcome you to the new online experience that we have prepared for you exclusively. We have redesigned our webpage completely to provide a more modern, useful and attractive site. It has been conceived to fulfil today’s woman and man needs.

It is a top priority for CASMARA to offer nothing but the best. Thanks to our “responsive” design, you will be able to surf our web from any mobile device. You will enjoy from an excellent display and a pleasant experience. Moreover, we have aimed to offer a reorganisation of the information creating an extended, renovated and clear structure in which you will easily find sections such as:


“Casmara Lab”

Here we tell you everything about us, who we are and all the corporate information such as the landmarks that make us leaders on the dermo-cosmetics market. We have been doing research for over 40 years in order to offer the latest advances in prestige cosmetics. 

 “Face Care and “Body Care”

Two sections that have been designed for you to find easily what you are looking for. You can browse selecting either what worries you, by category or by collection…Let us know your questions and we will tell you which beauty product you need!


And if you are a there is a section for you where you can find all the highest quality professional products for salon beauty treatments and for personal care to use at home. What is more, if you are already a CASMARA member, you can log-in the exclusive area in which you will check the latest special offers, technical-support material, training videos and so much more.

Online Consultation”

In this section you can have a customized skin diagnosis to knowing the recommended beauty products that best suit your needs.  The good news is that you may do it either automatically or sending your enquiry over to one of our technical specialist consultant in beauty treatments. What are you waiting for your diagnosis the skin?


After all of these novelties, the icing on the cake is our blog. 

Actual contents, practical advices, life style, beauty tips and trends that you will be discovering on a monthly basis on our new blog.

We have also created a very special section in which you are the main protagonist: CONSULTATION SECTION.

This means that among all the emails we receive every month, we will select the most frequent queries and concerns. Monthly, we will post up on this section of the blog the replies to help all of you taking care of your skin in the most effective way.

As a gift to thank your participation, (if your query is chosen), you will receive a CASMARA cosmetic products kit specific to you and according to your question.


Casmara’s team is so thrilled and committed about this project. In CASMARASecret we are going to provide you exclusive and very chic beauty tips.

The beauty tips that work for us, the 
must about your daily skin care routine…Our target is that every day you are getting closer to achieve your goals.

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We are off to this trip, are you boarding the train?

CASMARA, cosmetics without limits.