Sleep 7/8h

In order to be productive, you need a rest of at least 7 / 8h daily. We advise you to go to bed early, no later than 12 o'clock at night. While we sleep the body's cells regenerate 8 times faster than during the day and release hormones able to stop aging. Moreover, the epidermis is more receptive to cosmetic products at night, so you should not forget to perform your beauty routine on face and body.

Start your day early

We get the most out of the day and we have more energy in the morning. When we wake up early we get more productivity, better concentration and more memory.

Bear in mind the importance of having a proper breakfast to prolong your well-being. The first meal of the day is the most important one as the daily performance depends on it. A good breakfast helps you memorize, concentrate and learn.

Drink 1,5 liters a day

The human body is made up of 60% water. Therefore, it is essential to keep the right levels of hydration in our bodies for the proper functioning of our organs and the look of our skin. Dehydration causes dryness, wrinkles and lack of elasticity. Here is the advice: drink between meals and every time you work out, this way the body fluid necessary to stay healthy is restored.


Eat healthily

We advise you to follow these tips: consume more white meat (rich in protein and low in saturated fat) than red, and take whole grains rich in nutrients: fiber, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, selenium and B vitamins (2). Avoid eating processed sugars, pastries, soft drinks, preservatives, frozen food...because they do not provide anything good to the body. Change candy for nuts (rich in energy, fatty acids, proteins and trace elements), the afternoon doughnut for a piece of fruit (a healthy supply of essential nutrients, fiber and water); and little by little, eating healthily will become a habit for you.

Do exercise and stretch

20/30 minutes a day, 4/5 times a week, the key to keep your body healthy. The ideal is to combine cardio and moderate physical activity but if it is not your thing, force yourself to walk, it is an exercise that burns calories and helps the cardiovascular system, so your cells are oxygenated and that shows on your skin that looks healthier. By the way, do not forget to stretch always after doing exercise, your muscles will recover and you will improve your elasticity.

Take time for yourself

Take time for yourself, to think or meditate. Spend 20 minutes a day doing whatever you want: listening to music, reading, painting or having your Casmara beauty session that will help you rest, switch off, relax and look prettier. Get a little treat every day and love yourself a lot! 

Start taking care of yourself from now on!
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