Water is a vital element for our skin; the human body is made up of 70% water; it allows our cells to take the nutrients, minerals and chemical elements that are valuable for the biological processes.Water is also responsible for making your skin look plump and healthy, as dehydration is the main cause of aging and the lack of vitality

Surely you’ve heard the importance of keeping your skin properly hydrated and rightly nourished. But… 

Do you know the difference between hydrated skin and nourished skin? 

When we talk about hydration we´re talking about ‘water’. Our body needs liquids, likewise, our skin requires constant hydration to keep and reestablish the right levels of water.

Our body produces and retains water naturally, however over the years it gradually loses this ability and the level of is affected.

 It is important to bear in mind that dramatic changes of the weather, temperature, the wind and the sun, cause water to evaporate from the skin quickly; the aging process is accelerated and increases the risk of skin problems like blemishes or imperfections. In order to prevent the skin to dehydrate, it is essential to provide care through the use of MOISTURIZING CREAMS that balance the right levels of water, vitamins and minerals on your skin.

“A good moisturizer is the key to youthful skin” and it has to be always well hydrated; the skin needs change according to the age, though. So when you’re over your 40s, you should supplement your moisturizing cream with a nourishing cream.

Why do you have to nourish the skin? 

Nourishing is the equivalent to the food for our skin. When it is nourished properly, the natural barrier is fortified, and the skin gets smooth and protected, meaning it is well “nourished”. Therefore, to fight the signs of aging, wrinkles and the lack of elasticity, density and firmness, it is fundamental to use face creams with extra nutrients. NOURISHING CREAMS  provide the skin with the lipids and essential oils that are necessary to improve the skin condition, get a healthy look full of energy, and a glowing and youthful skin.

If you want to show off flawless skin, we recommend you to establish a DAILY SKIN-CARE ROUTINE that allows you to keep a beautiful skin; we give you some little tips that will help you to get a glowing skin:

1.- Cleanse your skin…

A good hygiene is the basis, so don’t forget to cleanse your skin every day both in the morning and at night. Our 3 in 1 skin cleansers, cleanse thoroughly at the same time that moisturizes the skin.

2.- Did you know there was a difference between hydrate and keep your skin moisturized?


Between 10% and 20% out of 70% of the water that the human body has, it is in our skin. That’s what makes it flexible, firm and elastic. Throughout the years, this percentage decreases and the ability to retain the water is reduced. The skin dries up easily, loses elasticity and looks rough, dull and dry, what makes it vulnerable to the effect of external agents.

To get a vital and fresh skin, it is important to apply a moisturizing cream that helps you to restore the balance of moisture at the same time that provides the skin with specific care…

CASMARA MOISTURIZING CREAMS are made with active formulas that have innovative properties in skin care; they stimulate our own mechanisms of hydrological regulation and are able to retain the water inside your skin. Formulas with intelligent moisturizing active ingredients and a long-lasting effect.

What does “Long-lasting” cosmetic mean? 

It is the ability that our active ingredients have to keep and dose hydrating substances into our epidermis

What is an intelligent active?

An intelligent active is the one that works only where and when the skin needs it. Therefore, it guarantees the best results for every skin type.

Since it’s not the same to hydrate than to keep the hydration of your skin, we have included in our treatments, the precise active ingredients that guarantee the right level of hydration in your skin. Aqua Shuttle®, Amiporine®, Aurealis®, Chondricare…:

Amiporine ®, Active ingredient that provokes the stimulation of aquaporins, proteins essential to the circulation of water in the skin. They are proteins that regulate the water flow inside the cell membranes. They preserve the water balance in the skin to stay hydrated. BEAUTY PRODUCTS WITH AMIPORINE.

Aqua Shuttle ®, Active ingredient with moisturizing substances, that are released to the skin gradually . BEAUTY PRODUCTS WITH AQUA SHUTTLE.

Aurealis ® Active ingredient able to stimulate the hyaluronic acid synthesis in the outer layer of the skin… its main mission is to retain and regulate the moisture of the skin. BEAUTY PRODUCTS WITH AUREALIS.

Chondricare: Active ingredient able to act depending on if it’s day or night. When there’s sunlight, it protects the skin from free radicals. At night, it produces energy in the skin. BEAUTY PRODUCTS WITH CHONDRICARE

As a result?

There is something really important that you can’t forget when it comes to choosing your CASMARA moisturizing cream…And that is to say that every skin type has different needs and you have to choose the product that suits you best, otherwise you could get the opposite effect. An oily skin doesn’t need the same type of care of a dry skin; aging is also a key factor to take into account in order to succeed with your skincare routine.

To help you a little bit with the election process, in CASMARA we offer you an automated diagnosis, where you will be able to choose the best product for your skin and ensure outstanding results.


Online consultancy

On the other hand, if you prefer it, you can always send us an e-mail to with your details (Name- city – postcode) and we’ll indicate where the nearest CASMARA salon is. There, a beauty therapist or technical adviser will give you all the professional help you may need to find the right product for you.

You should also remember to put on sun cream every day as part of your daily routine. It doesn’t matter if you are going to be exposed to the Sun or not. The UVA rays damage your skin anyways. They cause premature aging and dermatological issues if you don’t use the right protection.

This is all from us, but we can’t leave without giving you the last piece of advice: remember that inner hydration is essential to show off flawless skin. It is important to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, and don’t forget “We are what we eat”. Last but not least, now that the hot weather is round the corner, increase the intake of fruits and veggies rich in water such as pineapple, orange, cranberries, raspberries, cucumber, celery, lettuce, etc.…


Your skin will be grateful!