The trend of green consumption is on the rise, and this year more and more people choose to consume natural foods, less food of animal origin and some of them jump on the bandwagon of so-called super foods. It is no longer just a question of avoiding preservatives, of consuming "light" or less sugary products, it is about providing the body with something more…

The products from Japan always create a lot of interest because of their ancient culture, but there is one product in particular that has generated much talk lately and that produces a certain fascination due to its properties ... we are talking about Matcha Tea.



The word “Matcha” means Tea extract powder, and it is that this tea comes from the powdered leaves of green tea. While traditional tea is brewed in hot water with a tea bag, Matcha tea powder mixes directly with hot water, which makes it preserve its properties much better.

Detox and antioxidant

This tea is amazing! It contains chlorophyll that, apart from helping to cleanse the blood, it helps the body to purge toxins naturally. It is a natural drainage rich in niacin, which helps to improve digestion and to eliminate chemicals from the body. Something that makes it special is its high content of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, selenium, magnesium or chromium. It contains a large amount of antioxidants that make it an effective protector against diseases and against aging.

Energy and calm in your day

If you are one of those who need to consume coffee to carry on with your daily tasks, this can be your opportunity to replace it with a more natural option. Matcha is drunk in Japan for relaxation at the same time that gives you energy. But…how? Thanks to L-Theanine. This amino acid helps you to remain alert yet calm. Instead of increasing blood pressure, it decreases the levels and heart rate so you can relax, but still being active. Its consumption is recommended in the first half of the day to avoid being unable to sleep.

Health in a cup of tea

One of the most interesting things about this tea is how it is able to contribute to our health day by day. "Matcha" protects the body against pathogens that can cause cancer or arthritis; it also promotes concentration and stimulates our memory, reduces stress, eliminates excess cholesterol and triglycerides. In short, benefits and more benefits for our health!



How to prepare Matcha?


Matcha tea is on trend and some people have opted to prepare it in different ways. There are some who add milk to make the famous “Matcha latte”, however, milk has fat and with it the tea is less digestive and the characteristic flavor disappears. Therefore, the ideal to keep all the properties is to take it raw and if we follow the traditional Japanese ceremony, the experience will be special:

1. Heat the water to 90 degrees. After boiling, wait for 2 minutes. Add a teaspoon of the tea powder.

2. The ideal is to mix it using a special whisk made with a bamboo branch that is cut in 100 yarns and whisk in a zig zag motion from right to left; this makes the tea frothy. Although if you don’t have a bamboo whisk, you don’t have to worry.

If you do so, we ensure that the tea will retain its flavor, its properties intact and your experience will be great!



The best thing about Matcha Tea is that it has different options to consume it, if you do not fancy having hot infusions you can use it in cooking recipes or simply to give color in sweet and savory dishes.

A pleasure for the senses and a fabulous choice to stay healthy.

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