The SLOW movement began in Italy in 1986 and it has already spread all over the planet. Its aim is clear, enjoy life to the fullest. It means, at least, as fully as our personal circumstances allow us to do it. It is about enjoying everything we do self-consciously. 

Nowadays, our day to day life seems to be a hurdle race instead of a peaceful and rewarding path. The more goals you achieve, the better. The SLOW movement defends the slow attitude, which is often related to negative values. It is about seeking to do everything at the right speed. This philosophy of life pursues the elimination of stress. It may sound complicated and idyllic, but there it is the challenge.

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” Mahatma Gandhi.

We have joined the movement and we are making our own progresses.

We are going to list some easy-to-do steps to getting into the slow movement step by step. The goal is to be happy in your day to day, this is the way to get a perfect skin full of life. Let’s go for it.

skin-care- slow-movement


1- What’s the first thing you listen to in the morning?

The alarm. It can’t be good that you wake up listening to an alarm similar to a military march. It take me a lot to realise I could change that hateful sound for a birdsong. I recommend it 100%. What a joy!

2- It is really important to have a relaxing breakfast that lasts 20 minutes.

Prepare a healthy breakfast. Don’t forget to include fruit and whole wheat cereals. A proper boost of vitamins and minerals that will help you to start the day full of energy.

While having breakfast, just relax; think of yourself and of your ability to enjoy every moment.

3- Do not forget to take a moment out of your day just for yourself.

Before going to bed is a good time. Remember that it is important to detox our skin every day. For those stressful days, we recommend you to try Oxy Mask. It will help you to relax, thanks to its unique micro-massage effect. It will also cleanse your skin deeply as well as purify and oxygenate it.

4- This fourth advice has been an absolutely discovery for us, it is about meditation.

It seems to be complex and unknown, but it truly makes wonders to forget about stress, just try connecting with yourself. Try to introduce it in your life gradually and meditate as much as your agenda allows you to do it!

Concentrate on your breathing; you don’t have to do much. Simply, close your eyes and dive into yourself.

These are the 4 first SLOW advices that Casmara’s team fulfils strictly and that work for us.

According to the SLOW philosophy, it suggests to use responsible and eco-friendly products. Naturally, Casmara beauty products are made up with recyclable material. Our objective is to take care of your skin but our responsibility is to look after the planet.

Casmara’s last line HYDRA-LIFTING is formulated with natural actives from ecological origin. A line based on the sea, using its resources such as algae in a responsible way. 100% eco-friendly cosmetics!

You did it! You have joined the SLOW movement. From now on, you only need a bit of will power and in the long term; your body and soul will appreciate it.


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