Read on for the essential items, accessories and fabrics that shouldn’t be missing from any wardrobe this autumn:

Must-Have Items


1- Scarves, Bows and Bowties

The neck takes centre-stage with elegant accessories such as scarves, bows and bowties. From narrow silk scarves to oversized bows.
Maximum versatility means you can mix and match colours and clothing styles to create a variety of incredible outfits. Anything goes.

2- "Oversized" Jumpers

This season, fashion goes supersize! Extra long, XXL jumpers make for a clothing staple that’s very on trend this season.
Wear them with trousers and mini-skirts. .


3- Masculine Shirts

This year, masculine-style striped and checked shirts also come in XXL.
Wear them with skinny trousers or tracksuit trousers for a comfortable trend that won’t go unnoticed this autumn

4- Pea Coats

Pea coats are on trend and the biggest brands have gone for a wide range of styles.
There are a multitude of options for this type of coat, including different cuts and lengths. Wear them with long dresses or trousers.
An essential item for protecting you from the cold whilst also staying on trend.


5- Dungarees and Pinafores

Dungarees and pinafores invade the shops in wintery fabrics such as corduroy and suede for a look that’s fresh and youthful.
A comfortable, all-terrain item, this season wear them preferably with a shirt underneath.

6- Masculine Suits and Wide-leg Trousers

The latest trend is for masculine two-piece suits that evoke a touch of formality and seriousness. Wide-leg trousers also make a strong impression as this autumn/winter’s star item. A comfortable, casual and elegant piece that shouldn’t be missing from your list.


7- Long and Short Waistcoats

The must-have item this autumn is a waistcoat. The most ‘in’ piece among celebrities is the maxi-waistcoat. Wear it plain, patterned, furry or suede, the key to its success is its versatility. Choose between long or short styles.

8- Victorian Blouses

The Victorian era gains momentum making an appearance on all the catwalks. Romantic, sensual pieces with lace and transparent detail make for a look full of mischief and innocence.
White, grey and nude colours dominate. A look that is romantic and sexy all at once.


9- Ankle Boots

Ankle boots take centre-stage once again this season with an array of different heels to choose between, from kitten heels to Perspex, velvet and cowboy styles, in animal print, floral print, military green, metallic tones, neutral colours or multicoloured and with adornments, laces or the kind of gold details that remind us of the ‘80s. Whatever you choose, make sure to add a pair of ankle boots to your wardrobe this season.

10- Voluminous Sleeves

Big and voluminous sleeves played a leading role on the catwalks this season.
The best designers didn’t skimp on fabric with infinite sleeves.
This season stay on trend and keep your hands hidden.

Styles That Set Trends


11- Boho Spirit

A spirit somewhere in between the bohemian and hippie looks of the ‘70s, with a touch of added glamour.
Key pieces include fringed waistcoats, floaty floral dresses, long patterned skirts, baggy cardigans and ripped, distressed jeans.
Models such as Kate Moss are the icons for a style that comes accessorised with necklaces and lots of bracelets.

12- Gothic Style

The key style this winter is a gothic look in which the colour black dominates.
Extra-large boots and distinctive details such as studs, buckles and other embellishments are the key features for making this look a true gothic statement.

13- Baroque Style

Another key trend this season is a style inspired by the Victorian era.
Both Balmain and Dolce & Gabbana presented collections this autumn/winter featuring romantic, aristocratic styles made with regal and elaborate embroidered fabrics.
The Baroque look is characterised by its elegance. Head outside without going unnoticed!

Fashionable Fabrics


14- Sparkle

Shimmer is en vogue! Make sure your wardrobe sparkles by day and by night.
The glitter trend for autumn/winter is seen on skirts, dresses and blouses. Add a touch of glamour to your look this season and dazzle even on those sad grey days.

15- Suede and Velvet

This autumn, velvet and suede are the key fabrics for dresses, trousers and jackets.