50ml / 1.7 fl.oz.


Oxygenating moisturizing cream.

Smooth and light-textured face cream.

OXYGEN is an essential source of life. A lack of oxygen can make the skin dull and lackluster; therefore, the latest advances by CASMARA have made it available in cosmetic form.


Encapsulating it by using the best formulas to deliver it to the skin in its purest form.

Cutting-edge cosmetics with pure oxygen. Skin regains its energy, brightness and vitality for a healthy, youthful appearance.

Who is this for?

Normal and combination skin. Its unisex formula is suitable for any time of year.


The oxygenating action of this cream is due to D-RIBOSE, which provides the skin with energy. 


Incredibly purified and glowing that is full of life.

Active ingredients

HYALURONIC ACID: substance found naturally in the skin that plays an essential role in maintaining its moisture and plumpness. Due to its small molecular size, it also provides the skin with elasticity and general well-being.