blister 5 uds.x 4ml-0.14 fl.oz./ud.

Face ampoule

It is oil free ampoule that contains a combination of amino acids, hydrolyzed collagen and mallow extract immersed in an algae derivative that provides the skin with balance and hydration.

Who is this for?

Oily skins. Recommended for skin requiring a deep active moisturization. The ampoule restores the skin’s elasticity.


Moisturizing effect on the skin. The mallow extract provides mucilages and vitamins. The mucilages act as skin lubricant and protector, providing high moisturizing power and elasticity. When applied to the skin, this complex has a deep moisturizing and general toning effect.


Recupera los niveles óptimos de hidratación en la piel.

Active ingredients

AMINOÁCIDOS: aporta nutrientes esenciales para reequilibrar el estado óptimo de la piel.

MALVA: hidratante, calmante y emoliente.