50ml / 1.7 fl.oz.


Energizing facial serum.

VITALIZING is an exclusive cosmetic line that enhances the true beauty and well-being of your skin.

CASMARA has combined the highest-quality active ingredients with two key ingredients: COENZYME Q-10 and CREATINE.

Your skin gets the energy it needs to restore its activity and your complexion regains its radiance and splendor. The result: perfect skin.

Who is this for?

Normal to combination skin.

Unisex formula.


Provides an intense dose of hydration and energy. 


Energized, firm and supple skin.

Active ingredients

OSILIFT®: helps to form a moisturizing layer on the skin.

VITAMIN C: has powerful properties that prevent the formation of oxidizing substances.

HYALURONIC ACID: increases skin hydration and helps to retain moisture.

COENZYME Q-10 and CREATINE: act together to create a highly energizing cosmetic.