Rose D-Tox Super Concentrate

Energizing bi-phase super concentrate.

Purifying and Energizing

Energizing bi-phase super concentrate with a light, fast-absorbing texture made with active ingredients that purify and energize the skin to optimize its activity.

Thanks to its exclusive double energizing action, it helps to prevent the first signs of aging.

Who is this for?

Essential care for all skin types.

Especially recommended for dull, lackluster or stressed skin.


Innovative formula combining two key actions to help prevent the signs of aging.


Brighter, more radiant complexion.

Balanced skin.

Increases the skin’s energy levels.

With Rose D-Tox the skin is revived and energized. The result: a radiant and glowing complexion.

Active ingredients

BLUE DAISY: purifying action.

WHITE ROSE: energizing. Increases the skin’s energy levels.

PRECIOUS WAKAME MOLECULES: promote perfect skin function, helping to prevent the first signs of aging.

LIPOIC ACID: helps to combat the signs of aging.

GSH-BOOSTER: contains powerful properties to combat the effects of oxidizing substances on the skin. Helps to strengthen the skin against the signs of aging.