Beauty Travel Set

5 essentials for traveling

Micellar Water + 3 Hyal Pro + Eye Contour Global Care + Firming Moisturizing Cream + Body Moisturizing

An optimum and exclusive combination of mini travel-sized products packed in a delightful toiletry bag, carefully designed to evoke elegance while being modern and practical.

CASMARA Beauty Travel Set contains 5 essentials for any trip.

Enjoy, we’ll take care of your skin.

What does it contain?

Micellar Water (50ml): Urban shield that removes make-up, cleanses and cares for the skin.

3 Hyal Pro Ampoules (3 x 2.5ml): Long-lasting ultra-moisturizing flash effect hyaluronic acid ampoules. Instantly radiant skin!

Eye Contour Global Care (4ml): Global eye cream. Because one look is worth more than a thousand words.

Firming Moisturizing Cream (15ml): 24-hour fresh firming and moisturizing face cream. Marine technology.

Body Moisturizing (50ml): Body moisturizing cream. Long-lasting effect for sublime skin.

Who is this for?

All skin types.

Unisex formula.


Firming Moisturizing Cream (15ml): Improves skin moisture and firmness.

Micellar Water (50ml): Creates a preventive shield against the 3 main types of pollution. Cleanses and removes make-up from the eyes, face and neck without the need to rinse. Strengthens the skin barrier. Helps to hydrate and balance the skin’s pH level.

Hyal Pro Ampoules (3 x 2.5ml): Long-lasting moisture. Helps to improve the appearance of the first signs of aging.

Eye Contour Global Care (4ml): Improves firmness and elasticity of the eye contour area.

Body Moisturizing (50ml): Deep and long-lasting moisturization with a dose of provitamin A.


Firming Moisturizing Cream (15ml): 70% more hydrated skin.

Micellar Water (50ml): Fresh and soft skin that’s free from impurities. Cared-for and balanced complexion. Toned and glowing skin.

Hyal Pro Ampoules (3 x 2.5ml): Hydrated, smooth and plump complexion.

Eye Contour Global Care (4ml): Helps to improve the signs of aging.

Body Moisturizing (50ml): Deeply moisturized skin. Helps to prolong a suntan.