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Does CASMARA send samples?

CASMARA does send samples as they would like you to discover the effectiveness of their products, and those that give your skin the best results. All you have to do is go along to your nearest beauty salon and the beauty-care professionals will give you samples of our products that adjust to your skin’s needs.

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How do I find out where CASMARA is sold?

CASMARA invites you to discover all the selling pints in the section SELLING POINTS of our Website. CASMARA is closer to you than ever.

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What is the difference between a cabin treatment and a home treatment?

The cabin treatment is always performed by a professional in the beauty centre, using specialized techniques and specific ingredients. The home treatment should be recommended by the professional and helps to maintain and increase the effects of the cabin treatment. It is a daily skin care regimen for the client at home.

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¿Does Casmara animal testing?

Casmara doesn´t do animal testing, we are committed to creating unique cosmetics always respecting and maintaining a firm stance with environmental policies.

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