Tightening-effect firming biological body protocol that redefines and tones the figure.

Extraordinary concentrated biological formula combining powerful tightening active ingredients that help to firm the skin in the most advanced way. BodyLift redensifies and tones the skin, improving its architectural structure to achieve an immediate lifting effect.

Revolutionary body protocol combining 3 advanced active ingredients that help to treat flaccidity in the thighs, buttocks, stomach and in areas such as the double chin, arms and flanks.

Who is this for?

All Skin types. 

Unisex body protocol indicated for people wanting to improve their skin’s firmness, tone and elasticity, correct and/or prevent a lack of firmness caused by a sudden weight change or the passing of time.


Redefines contours, beautifying the silhouette.

Increases elasticity in the treated area.

Improves sagging and redensifies.

Restores lost turgor to the skin.

Firm and soft skin.