Beautiful Hands Ritual

Your hands are a very important part of your body, your letter of introduction. They’re also one of the most exposed areas to external aggressions, which can quickly give away your age.

The aging process is more visible on the hands; the skin in this area becomes thinner and dries out because hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin levels reduce over time.

For this reason, an appropriate treatment that removes impurities, hydrates and nourishes, is vital for beautiful hands.


Helps to soften wrinkles, dehydration, dull tone, etc.

Who is this for?

All skin types and ages.

Indicated for people wishing to beautify and care for their hands.


- Soft and smooth skin.

- Radiant and revitalized skin.

- Moisturized hands.

- Strengthened nails.

Phases of application

Natural Peeling. Body exfoliant. The next-generation natural smart peel for an ideal exfoliation and perfect skin hygiene. Exfoliating gel with a synergistic blend of two alpha-hydroxy acids (glycolic and lactic acid) and a beta-hydroxy acid (salicylic acid).

Multibenefit 7-in-1. 100% natural multifunctional balm. Rich combination of oils and butters derived from natural sustainable crops from the Amazon rainforest, carefully selected to help maintain and care for the areas of skin that need it most.

Body Moisturizing. Body cosmetic with a long-lasting effect. Body moisturizing cream formulated with carrot oil, with high quantities of beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A.