Ritual Pecho Firme y Redefinido

The breasts are a sign of femininity, one of the areas that women worry about the most, but often in a non-specific way.

Many factors such as weight loss, pregnancy, breast feeding and aging can cause the skin to lose its elasticity, leading to the breasts losing their shape and starting to sag.

With some specific firming care with a lifting and tightening effect, you can improve their appearance.


- Improve the texture and strengthen the skin that supports the breasts.

- Moisturize and firm the skin.

Who is this for?

All skin types and ages.

Suitable for any age. Especially formulated for people that have experienced a sudden weight change, after pregnancy or a period of breastfeeding, as well as those who wish to improve the firmness of the area.


Tones and firms the breasts.

Phases of application

Natural Peeling. Body exfoliant. The next-generation natural smart peel for an ideal exfoliation and perfect skin hygiene. Exfoliating gel with a synergistic blend of two alpha-hydroxy acids (glycolic and lactic acid) and a beta-hydroxy acid (salicylic acid).

Body F-Solution. Firming treatment. Intensive firming concentrate. May be applied in combination with cosmetic devices. Firming Solution is a body ampoule containing concentrated firming active ingredients.

Body Moisturizing. Body cosmetic with a long-lasting effect. Body moisturizing cream formulated with carrot oil, with high quantities of beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A.

Cryogenic Mask. Firming body mask with a cooling effect. High-tech body mask that hydrates, tones and firms the skin due to its cooling effect and its dose of vitamins and minerals. Especially recommended for firming the breasts and for treating tired legs.