Brightening Protocol

Brightening protocol that helps to improve an uneven skin tone and soften dark spots. A combination of several brightening active ingredients that act synergistically, helping to even the skin tone and prevent future dark spots.

Also contains a powerful blend of active ingredients that help to prevent the signs of aging.

Who is this for?

All skin types.

Unisex protocol especially formulated for facial skin of any age with an uneven tone, blurred or localized spots, and/or devitalized skin.
Indicated for people wanting to go a step further in their cosmetic treatments to achieve more effective results.


Helps to blur dark spots and prevent their future appearance.

Helps to even an irregular facial skin tone.

Helps to prevent the signs of aging.


The result is even, brighter skin from the first session, with long-lasting results.

Active ingredients

Cocktail of active ingredients that act synergistically.

- Kojic Acid: brightens and evens the skin tone.

- White Mulberry Root Extract: helps to even the skin tone and prevent future dark spots.

- Licorice Root Extract: improves the skin tone.

- Chromabright®: brightening.

- Salicylic Acid: exfoliating.