ADVANCED NACAR TREATMENT acts on multiple factors which cause the appearance of dark spots and an uneven tone.

An innovative complex lightening treatment with an advanced formula made with the most powerful next generation acids, together with advanced liposomal technology.
A key combination which helps to remove the superficial layer of dark spots and stimulates skin renewal, fading dark spots.

A unique formula for radiant skin, surrounded by a beautiful halo of light.

Who is this for?

Suitable for all skin types.


Removes the superficial layer of dark spots, clarifying them.

Improves the appearance of the skin.

Helps to reduce an uneven tone.

Helps to delay aging.


Dark spots are softened or corrected.

Even tone.

Radiant face.

Active ingredients

NEXT GENERATION PEEL COMPLEX: an exfoliating and renewing active ingredient made with gentle yet highly effective powerful exfoliating acids.

OCTADECENEDIOIC ACID: an anti-dark spot and brightening active ingredient. Helps to clarify dark spots and lightens the face.

NIACINAMIDE: a depigmenting and restoring active ingredient. Helps to prevent skin aging.

STOP SMS AGING: an anti-aging active ingredient derived from wild Asparagopsis Armata alga which helps to combat cellular aging.