INFINITY professional youth activator treatment with Future N.G.E. Technology.

A revolutionary new cosmetics concept that helps to combat aging holistically with extraordinary results.

Sensory cosmetics and futuristic technology promising sensations and care that transport you to another reality, helping to prolong the youthful appearance of the skin and provide an intense feeling of well-being.

Who is this for?

Mature skin seeking an intense youth activator treatment.

Especially indicated to help combat a lack of firmness and the visible signs of aging.


- Firms and helps to combat flaccidity.

- Helps to reduce neck flaccidity and redefine facial contours.

- Helps to combat the signs of eye contour fatigue.

- Perfecting effect.


- Provides an immediate firming effect on the face and neck. Reduces neck flaccidity.

- Improves the appearance of the eye contour.

- Provides an intense feeling of well-being.

Active ingredients

ETERNAL BEAUTY: Extraordinary active ingredient that heps to visibly reduce the signs of aging skin.

CHARDONNAY GRAPE EXTRACT: Innovative active ingredient that restores the youthfulness of the skin.

MELATONIN: Wellness active ingredient that provides an intense skin perfecting effect and a feeling of well-being.