Q10 RESCUE. 6 phases.


Q10 RESCUE is a revolutionary collection with an energizing and rebalancing restorative action that provides intense nourishment.

An extraordinary cosmetic formula inspired by radiofrequency with smart geolocation technology and natural active ingredients. Acts exactly where needed to help revitalize and restore the energy and balance typical of young skin.

Q10 RESCUE provides the skin with an intense feeling of comfort and restores the balance impaired by advanced aging. A true absolute recovery for mature skin that restores perfect comfort and balance to enhance the natural beauty of age.

Who is this for?

Formulated as a shock treatment to revitalize all very mature skin types (+60) or as a complementary treatment for mature (+45), malnourished, dry, devitalized and/or dull skin showing or starting to show the imbalances typical of menopause, pre- or post-menopause.


Energizing, rebalancing, nourishing.


DEEPLY NOURISHED AND PLUMP SKIN with an intense feeling of comfort.

RADIANT COMPLEXION that’s full of life. Unified tone.

Visibly younger-looking skin.