Rediscover the comfort of your skin!

Absolute recovery for the most demanding skin.

Q10 RESCUE is a revolutionary premium recovery collection with an energizing and rebalancing action that provides intense nourishment. An extraordinary cosmetic formula from the CASMARA laboratory with natural active ingredients. Acts exactly where needed to help revitalize and restore the energy and balance typical of young skin. Q10 RESCUE provides the skin with an intense feeling of comfort. A true absolute recovery for mature skin that restores perfect comfort and balance to enhance the natural beauty of age. .

World-exclusive cosmetics inspired by radiofrequency that help to soften wrinkles.
Promotes energy production to help intensely revitalize and restore the skin.
Exquisite blend of 5 carefully selected highly nourishing plant oils. Made with argan, tsubaki and ximenia oils and olive oil concentrate, combined with Arctic algae oil, it helps to soften the signs of aging and restores comfort and plumpness to the skin..
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