"Getting glowing skin this Christmas"

Christmas is coming, a time of year for sharing and celebrating, a time of year when we strive to look radiant.

For this reason, CASMARA is offering the most complete beauty ritual to choose the right gift this Christmas: Christmas Beauty Box.

7 different collections contained in a beautiful limited-edition box, hich will provide you with everything your skin needs to glow this holiday season or will let you surprise a loved one with this perfect present.

This year, as well as your usual moisturizing cream, our iconic Beauty Boxes include - This year, in addition to your usual cream, our iconic Beauty Boxes include the Power Lift 4D Super Concentrate and the exclusive new Lift Pro V2 facial massager: a two-headed 3D roller which, in combination with CASMARA products, helps to globally improve the skin.

Choose the moisturizing cream that is most suited to your skin’s needs. Choose your favorite Beauty Box!



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