Longevity Christmas Beauty Box

15 ML 0.51 FL.OZ / 15 ML 0.51 FL.OZ / 30 ML 1.01 FL.OZ

Recovery Moisturizing Cream + Power Lift 4D Super Concentrate + Eye Contour Soft Focus Effect

Discover the perfect combination to choose the right gift this Christmas.

Inside the Beauty Box you’ll find the most complete beauty ritual: 8 different collections contained in a beautiful limited-edition box.

This year, as well as your usual moisturizing cream, our iconic Beauty Boxes include the new CASMARA Best Sellers: lifting-effect Supreme Redensifying Super Concentrate and Soft-Focus Effect Eye Cream, a sublime anti-wrinkle eye cream for a radiant look.

Choose the moisturizing cream that is most suited to your skin’s needs. Choose your favorite Beauty Box!


Recovery Moisturizing Cream: REJUVENATING EFFECT. Facial cream with light soft texture. It reactivates and revitalizes your skin to recover functionality and balance of young skin loss as a result of cellular aging of the skin.

Power Lift 4D Super Concentrate: Supreme redensifying. Supreme redensifying super concentrate, with a fast absorbing light texture, which firms up and redensifies the skin with a tightening effect. Power Lift 4D with 4D technology brings firmness and elasticity to the skin, in addition to providing overall skin care.

Eye Contour Soft Focus Effect: Soft focus effect. A light emulsion with a high concentration of active ingredients for overall treatment of the eye area: increases elasticity, nourishes the whole area. Helps to improve the signs of aging.

Who is this for?

Normal to combination skin.Unisex formula, for mature skin going through or after menopause.


Recovery Moisturizing Cream: Rejuvenating effect. Stem cell stimulator. Fourfold multiplication of collagen in the skin.

Power Lift 4D Super Concentrate: Its powerful formula helps to prevent sagging and the signs of aging.

Eye Contour Soft Focus Effect: Improves firmness and elasticity of the skin around the eye.


Recovery Moisturizing Cream: In 4 weeks it diminishes wrinkles and improves the overall appearance of the skin. The skin regains its youthful appearance, gaining in comfort and flexibility. Energized, toned and reaffirmed skin. Facelift effect. AIRLESS SYSTEM in serum y creams.

Power Lift 4D Super Concentrate: Tightening effect. Firmer, more elastic skin from the first application. Lip contours redefined +33%*. Increase in hydration +155%*.

Eye Contour Soft Focus Effect: Helps to improve the signs of aging.

Active ingredients

Recovery Moisturizing Cream: E-MORTAL®: A liposome active ingredient that stimulates stem cells. CHONDRICARE®: An intelligent peptide. During the day it protects cellular structures against free radicals. At night, when these threats disappear, it helps the cells to increase their energy reserves (ATP).

Power Lift 4D Super Concentrate: HYALURONIC 4D: ultra-hydrating. ESSENCE OF MADAGASCAR: tightener. Fermented SHIUNKO oil: comprehensive firming agent. INTELLIGENT PEPTIDE: redensifyer. Z-MARINE: redefines facial contours.

Eye Contour Soft Focus Effect: EYESERIL®: ARGIRELINE®: is one of the peptides most commonly used in beauty treatments. COLLAGENEER®: makes the skin firmer and more elastic. EYESERYL®: provides an all-over treatment for firmness and elasticity of the skin around the eye.